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Monday, 14 August 2017

Snow White and Rose Red In a Vase on Monday

A bit of a mixed weekend here. A tissue got into the dark wash  sprinkling everything with white flecks but then I made soup with my own garlic, onion, courgettes and spinach. It says something that I was making soup at all in August but then Sunday was a beautiful day with the potential for getting sunburnt. It's back to the drizzle now but I have my flowers inside already.  

I used to love all those old fairy tales but I suppose they are all out of favour and not at all PC. Anyway, I've borrowed the title only here and mean no political comment:

In the vase:
Dahlia - Karma Naomi
White cosmos and foliage
I usually like thigs which tone but I like the contrast here. 

Then I had trouble finding a vase to show of these lilies. The bulbs have been neglected and not watered or fed properly but have produced anyway. Albeit on spindly stems. Not my best effort but they have been in three vases this morning so I must stop now. 
Shown with:
Ammi - I found a later flowering plant, most of them have gone over. 
Nicotiana - Lime green.

Last time I cut lilies I got into trouble as they dripped on the table so I have cut out the Stigma (?) which is one of the bits that drips. Perhaps I'd better not have them on the table anyway. 
For colourful and creative vases from around the world visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden - In a vase on Monday. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

In a vase on Monday

Don't Mondays come around quickly? There is plenty to do in the garden. Mainly I seem to be battling grass and weeds. There is so much to look at and wandering round to see what is flowering is a real pleasure.
One think I need to do is make a list of things to move before next spring. And then actually move them! Many things are being smothered, I always forget how big things will grow by this time of year. I did take pictures last year but I need to find them and look at them...

Here are some flowers I gave to my sister in law for her birthday at the weekend.

My asters have got going beautifully now and I was able to cut enough newly opened flowers to make a decent bunch. I added some Atriplex, Wigelia foliage, feverfew and scabious. 
The feverfew is back for a second flowering after I cut the first spent stems off. I love the little scabious buds and am so glad I spent that half hour in the rain one day moving them. They nearly died but a lucky rainy day saved them. I must sow more for next year. 

Everything is slightly blurred this week.

I enjoyed the asters for a few hours before I gave them away but I have these cosmos to keep - and, of course, more asters coming.
With more atriplex and cosmos foliage. I still have lots of lush greenery and not as many flowers as I would like. The plants were very spindly when I planted them out so I thought that would mean they would send up flowers rather than lush leaves. Perhaps the ground is too rich. 
 This white flower caught my eye one evening, so pretty. The seeds were Cosmos Allsorts Mixed. 
All very pink here today. I look forward to seeing what everyone else has found to put In a Vase on Monday. 
Thanks Cathy for inspiring and encouraging us. x